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About us

collections dedicated to
the modern woman

‘ The love, the lust, the worry, the care, the rage, the pain. It’s all happening inside our bodies, in all their complexity and glory. So carry yours with confidence. Unapologetically. Say what you want, wear what you want. In Airlea Swimwear, we praise the simple yet rebellious act of being yourself. So show yourself, as you choose, as you are.’ 


Airlea Swimwear is a Greek-based swim label founded in 2021, an homage to the simplicity and freedom that define the Greek summer lifestyle. Our designs are inspired by the architecture of the islands, the ethereal Greek nature and the endless blue. Embracing the sacred meaning of these elements led to the creation of a minimalistic and sustainable swimwear line.

The idea behind Airlea Swimwear is to provide women with the choice of swimwear that will make them feel confident in their skin, and to ultimately empower female self-assurance and independence. 

As a newly founded brand, we are trying to be as sustainable as possible. For the design and production of our collections, we are collaborating with a well-known international textile manufacturer based in Italy. We use unique and sustainable Italian fabrics, composed of 80% PA and 20% EA, in a variety of colors, effects and prints. All fabrics are created and engineered after having undergone visual and physical tests by the mother company, ensuring the best product quality. Some of the most important features are : eco-friendly, oil/ cream resistant, high UV protection, pilling resistant, two-way stretch, water repellent, great coverage and ultra-chlorine resistant. Each swimsuit is handmade in selected workshops in Athens, ensuring the best production quality. 

Carefully curated and perfect for all body types.